louie inc web hosting

If you are a current client or would like louie inc to host your website please visit our hosting page above.

What is web hosting?

For a website to be visible in search engines like Google, the website must be hosted by a web hosting provider. The web hosting provider will provide various plans, most are based on the number of visitors you are expecting to come to your website. All plans are explained in detail and if you have any questions let us know.

What web hosting is best for my business?

This will depend if you want one or multiple websites and also the amount of traffic (customers) you expect to visit your website. We offer a variety of web hosting services to choose from. You can browse the selection and let us know what questions you have.

Services we offer regardless of your web host provider

Malware cleanup

If your website is not functioning correctly or redirecting to other websites, chances are you are a victim of malware. We will be happy to help you fix this and get you back to business in no time.

Update and Repair

A website is not a one time thing! It will need frequently updated on the back end to keep up with the security standards that keep malware from taking over your website. We will be happy to clean your website once, periodically, or manage it for you permanently.

Emergency Services

Is your website completely gone? Do you know there is something really wrong with it? We can usually help.

Please contact us with any questions or check out our other services!