the mystery

of seo

What is SEO?

You own a fast food restaurant that only sells chicken called “Charlies.” Your customer types in Google “chicken sandwich near me”, were you in the first 3 pages of results? Were you on the map? Did you show under Google My Business? This is an example of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Show up under what your customers are searching for.

What services do you offer?

We offer custom solutions for each of our clients, however, with SEO, the recommendation is consistent.

We start with your website and rewrite it based on the phrases and keywords that your business stands for. We build it from the customer’s perspective, not ours. Let’s make sure they can not only find your information, but that when they get there, all their questions are answered and they are ready to talk.

Google Advertising is a great tool to use to drive traffic to your website and gain positive traction with the search engines.

Truth be told, the algorithms that are used are complicated and ever changing, the one that is consistent though is, if you don’t provide a great customer experience, you will lose ground against your competitors. Does your website look great on mobile? Do you know what your website score is?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a “one time thing”, it is an ongoing science and it changes frequently. If you also choose to have us redesign your website or build you a new website, the initial setup work will be included and we can work out an ongoing agreement to continue SEO work for the life of your business. Whether you want a little help or a lot, we would be honored to work for you.

Please contact us with any questions or check out our other services!